Adding a link to the guide is a good idea but it doesn't exactly match our
wiki's entry regarding setting up for contribution
Here is some wiki text that I will add to a new page on reviewing (if one
hasn't been created by now.)

GITHUB's pull/ID/head references a storage location for a pending pull
request. If you have created your repository using the wiki page, getting a
local copy for review would go something like this:

# A. create & use a new branch (to make cleanup easier later)
git checkout -b oakbucket-review
# B. 484 is the number of the pull request
git fetch upstream pull/484/head

(Note the use of "upstream" as the remote reference.) You could stop here
and do a diff,

git diff ...FETCH_HEAD

But if you want to compile the file and review the score as a PDF, you
would have to merge first,

# check that you are in your review branch before doing this!
git merge -m'review merge' FETCH_HEAD

You still won't be able to update somebody else's pull request but if
during review you find an issue you would like to include in the pull
request you have these choices:

1. Create a patch that you could send to the contributor
2. Annotate on GITHUB the line(s) you propose to change in the pull request

A patch can easily be created from git,

git diff -p >date-edit.patch

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