Glen Larsen <> writes:

> Late last year an effort was started to update the
> website. The primary goal was to upgrade the existing site to HTML5,
> allowing better performance on small-format devices. We used a free and
> respected web infrastructure toolkit (bootstrap <>)
> and documented a substantial amount of the existing code in the process.
> Chris has made the prototype available for review and your feedback is
> welcome:
> Please note that while the prototype is working against a full archive, the
> "latest additions" are a small development set. Try this on your smart
> phone or tablet, browse the site, and let us know what you think. Feedback
> and bug reports are welcome on all aspects of the prototype site.

The "Next 10" lists does not mention how many entries there are actually
(like when looking at the list of "Traditionals").  Nor is it possible
to go back, or forth other then to the next 10.

David Kastrup

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