one more thing: I don't know if it is on your list or not, but I would
be very happy if you could reduce the amount of tables in the layout. I
know you inherited them from the current page. I am speaking about

This would lead to a more responsive design which also seems to be your
aim. Furthermore:
- The title could be bold (or title-like), like here [1] already
- The word and link "preview image" is superfluous
- The downloads could use symbols for pdf and midi and waste less space
- The licences could be indicated by cc icons
- The more information does not really provide more, it just uses even
more space for the same information, so I would suggest one of these
  a) less information in listings
  b) more information in detailed pages
  c) no detailed pages at all

I wanted to attach an image but that mails is now waits for moderation:
The (not) attached image shows a rough sketch how a piece in a listing
could look like without tables and only showing the relevant information
in a way that can be quickly skimmed by the eye. This was done quickly
just to illustrate the idea. Feel free to do with it whatever sounds
best for you.

The ly-version search query could also offer version < or >. A search
for composition date ranges could be helpful or multiple instruments or
multiple conditions in general.

Once again: I like it very much.


[1]: http://www.mutopiaproject.org/new/cgibin/piece-info.cgi?id=84

Am 09.02.2016 um 19:52 schrieb Noeck:
> Very nice. Thank you all for doing this!
> Joram

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