A few minor suggestions, and a question:

* On the front page, I would drop the words "browse (by)" aboven the
columns ("browse latest additons"->"latest additions", "browse by
instrument"->"instrument", "browse collections"-> "collections"). This
saves some prime screen real estate, while still being perfectly
* Still on the front page, I would make the column title ("Latest
additions", "Instrument", ...) a clickable link and drop the "Show
all" link at the bottom. It's no use there anyway, as it drops off
most screens...
* The links currently exposed by "show all" at the bottom of the front
page: I would not point them all at one page crowded with multiple
tables, but at a separate page per subject (a "by instrument" page for
example). When one wants to browse all instrument links, no use
pointing the user to a page with tables for composer, instrument and
style. Just a link to a page with "by instrument" should be much
clearer and get rid of some more tables.

I would like to propose some more minor updates that would be filed
more easily as git pull requests (and/or if on github, github issues).
Is there some git repository with the new code in a branch where I can
propose those?


2016-02-10 21:01 GMT+01:00 Noeck <noeck.marb...@gmx.de>:
> Hi,
> one more thing: I don't know if it is on your list or not, but I would
> be very happy if you could reduce the amount of tables in the layout. I
> know you inherited them from the current page. I am speaking about
> http://www.mutopiaproject.org/new/browse.html
> http://www.mutopiaproject.org/new/cgibin/make-table.cgi?collection=bacheng&preview=1
> This would lead to a more responsive design which also seems to be your
> aim. Furthermore:
> - The title could be bold (or title-like), like here [1] already
> - The word and link "preview image" is superfluous
> - The downloads could use symbols for pdf and midi and waste less space
>   (fontawesome?)
> - The licences could be indicated by cc icons
> - The more information does not really provide more, it just uses even
> more space for the same information, so I would suggest one of these
> options:
>   a) less information in listings
>   b) more information in detailed pages
>   c) no detailed pages at all
> I wanted to attach an image but that mails is now waits for moderation:
> The (not) attached image shows a rough sketch how a piece in a listing
> could look like without tables and only showing the relevant information
> in a way that can be quickly skimmed by the eye. This was done quickly
> just to illustrate the idea. Feel free to do with it whatever sounds
> best for you.
> The ly-version search query could also offer version < or >. A search
> for composition date ranges could be helpful or multiple instruments or
> multiple conditions in general.
> Once again: I like it very much.
> Cheers,
> Joram
> [1]: http://www.mutopiaproject.org/new/cgibin/piece-info.cgi?id=84
> Am 09.02.2016 um 19:52 schrieb Noeck:
>> Very nice. Thank you all for doing this!
>> Joram
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