#3780: Ctrl-Y causes mutt to suspend on OSX
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Comment (by balderdash):

 I never said mutt is the *only* program like this.  Just that it doesn't
 have to be like this, since other software manages to avoid it without
 horrible side-effects.  I also never said that Ctrl-Y is bad in every
 program.  Just that it's bad in mutt (and *would* be bad in Vim for
 totally parallel reasons).

 I am mystified at the general response, which is effectively parodied

 "So your popular class of OSes has made the decision to place important
 library L in a nonstandard directory N instead of standard location S and
 you want us to adjust the configure script so it can find L on your OS,
 like a whole host of other software does?  We won't, because the fact that
 you can't build mutt against L is 100% your OS's fault, and the solution
 is obviously for you to just symlink or copy L into S, which is easy as

 The fact that your OS put L in N *deliberately* has magically granted that
 decision the following special status: no software should work around this
 decision even if the effects of L being in N are bad for a large class of
 users of that software on that OS, and neither-good-nor bad for everyone

 Indeed, the other software that manages to find N/L shouldn't be doing
 that.  If they were designed well, they would *also* make everyone on your
 OS except a hypothetical two peoople create this symlink (it's easy!).

 If you don't like it, then you can just deal with a mutt that isn't built
 against L even though that demonstrably sucks, or you can file a bug with
 your OS because there's a realistic chance they'll listen.

 What's that you say?  Some things a user shouldn't have to do themselves
 even though it would be easy for them to do so, and this sure looks like
 one of those cases?  But this is not one of those cases, because it's easy
 for the user to do it themselves.  We therefore close this issue."

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