#3780: Ctrl-Y causes mutt to suspend on OSX
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Comment (by wyardley):

 Honestly, the fact that you're still arguing when everyone else in the
 ticket has pointed out that there's a simple (and correct) workaround -
 that is, don't bind dsusp to `^`Y within your shell. I don't know if
 you're just embarrassed that you didn't realize the reason for this
 behavior or what, but I think your continued remarks (and continuing to
 re-open this ticket) make it clear that you are not planning on listening
 to what anyone has to say on this issue.

 Just because Mutt is more correct in accepting signals than other software
 does not mean that the behavior is incorrect. Mutt is not mainstream
 software; it's software mostly used by people who do care about things
 like having their terminal behave as they expect.

 Interestingly enough, I see this behavior in OS X, but primarily use Mutt
 on a FreeBSD system. On FreeBSD, while stty -a still shows "dsusp = `^`Y",
 the behavior is not the same. Installed via ports, but doesn't seem like
 any of the patches change this behavior.

 Have to say, I've been using Mutt on a number of systems for many years,
 and have never found myself accidentally hitting `^`Y, and I've never seen
 a single other complaint about this behavior on the mutt-users mailing

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