09-Apr-02 at 08:00, David T-G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote :
> Your best bet is probably a trash folder implementation, where you throw
> away messages that you don't really want to throw away (I've never
> understood the Deleted Messages folder and why some people keep every
> darned thing in there...  It's a real hell for SysAdmins trying to manage
> disk space!) into some other folder.  

Set your server to automatically purge Deleted Messages. They won't ever
use it to store mail again ;-)

I use IMAP and am very happy with Mutt's implementation. Deleted mail is
marked D and goes away only if I sync. Why should I flag to delete and not
want to delete that session? I will move it to another folder if it's for
reading later, and just delete and be done with it if it is read and there
is no action for it. I press $ <sync-mailbox> a LOT.

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