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% 09-Apr-02 at 08:00, David T-G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote :
% > understood the Deleted Messages folder and why some people keep every
% > darned thing in there...  It's a real hell for SysAdmins trying to manage
% > disk space!) into some other folder.  
% Set your server to automatically purge Deleted Messages. They won't ever
% use it to store mail again ;-)

Heh :-)  While I'd love to, I'm usually just the scummy contractor
brought in to help clean up the mess, and somehow that never involves
properly trashing ("replace it with Linux!" "oh, shut up") or even
properly configuring all of the Win stuff.  No matter; there's always
enough work to do on the *NIX side, anyway.

But I love the idea :-)

% I use IMAP and am very happy with Mutt's implementation. Deleted mail is
% marked D and goes away only if I sync. Why should I flag to delete and not
% want to delete that session? I will move it to another folder if it's for

Yeah, exactly!

% reading later, and just delete and be done with it if it is read and there
% is no action for it. I press $ <sync-mailbox> a LOT.

Same here, and I'm only on mbox :-)  I'd probably use IMAP more except
for the bit where I can't go back and mark a message 'N'ew again :-(

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