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> On 04-09-2002 at 08:56 EDT, Simon White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> > Set your server to automatically purge Deleted Messages. They won't ever
> > use it to store mail again ;-)
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> How are you accomplishing this? Is that a special IMAP server? I use IMAP 
> from Washington University and I don't have such option...

I don't actually do it here, because IMAP is only for internal staff,
others all use POP.

However, it would be reasonably easy, if everyone's deleted messages
folder was called "Deleted Messages" to run a cron job to purge messages
every once in a while by going to each $HOME/mail or wherever else, and
then deleting the file. You could even parse messages older than 1 week
old, or something.

Exchange has built in settings for this kind of stuff, and with 5.5 at
least you must do some scheduled stuff to keep the mailboxes from
corrupting - one big file with all the data cannot be left just growing
and growing without pruning and watering. Sadly Microsoft products,
supposedly to make your life easier, have such a sorry set of defaults
that you have to hack (or click Advanced everywhere, at the very least)
things to get them to work as well as out-of-the-box solutions on Linux,
Solaris, Unix and even Mac OSX.

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