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% 09-Apr-02 at 09:10, David T-G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote :
% > Heh :-)  While I'd love to, I'm usually just the scummy contractor
% > enough work to do on the *NIX side, anyway.
% I get my own way as a contractor, as much as possible. But then I do not

Oh, don't get me wrong; I get my way a lot, too, especially here where
I can even sell it as "you don't want to treat me like the rest of your
employees because the IRS might then consider me one".  But I don't
pretend to be an MS expert and so I'm never contracted in that capacity.
It doesn't matter that I have valuable input anyway :-)

% have the same calibre of client as you do, I imagine, since I'm in
% Morocco. Guru status can be rapidly acheived in a place where real Gurus
% all left and went to the US years ago ;-)

Hmmm...  Good point.  Any room for more fish in that pond? :-)

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