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% On Tue, 09 Apr 2002, David T-G wrote:
% > incorrect, though.  You can write the 'N'ew flag back to your mailbox?
% Hi, David.


% I just tested, and I can indeed write back the new flag to my mailbox.

Hey, cool!

% Both on a Cyrus IMAP server, and on an Exchange server.

The latter doesn't matter, since I certainly won't go near MS, but the
former is certainly a possibility.  I don't know for sure what we're
using now.

% With my keybindings, Shift-N will reset the new flag, and it persists
% across sessions, and changes are visible in other clients if I refresh
% their view.

Excellent!  Thanks so much.  [Dan, if you can tell me what you're
running and that it works for you I can give root a choice, so please
do follow up.]

% Cheers,
% -Tim

Thanks & HAND

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