Mutt on/off dovecot imap server, will try to tell the whole story.
Difficult to do in concise manner, pls. bear with me.

There are two basic options, the off, with the commented out on option first.
On meaning on Dovecot, off meaning off/without Dovecot.
#set spoolfile=imap://me@mydovecot/INBOX
#set folder=imap://me@mydovecot/
set spoolfile="~/Maildir/"
set folder="~/Maildir/"

But let me start with on, first.
set spoolfile=imap://me@mydovecot/INBOX
set folder=imap://me@mydovecot/
#set spoolfile="~/Maildir/"
#set folder="~/Maildir/"

I can only see/access the folder INBOX.

Default mask (the installed default, I guess generally, but I'm on Debian Jessie) being:
I change it to:
I then see all the folders:

 1     IMAP                                  .109806486481
 2     IMAP                                  .114674985270726
18     IMAP                                  .312893169439
19     IMAP                                  .37080471529
20     IMAP                                  .77789534513
21     IMAP                                  .alsa-user
28     IMAP                                  .dmo-discussion
30     IMAP                                  .Drafts
3     IMAP                                  .helpdesk
36     IMAP                                  .hrvatskastraza
37     IMAP                                  INBOX
38     IMAP                                  .lista
39     IMAP                                  .mencoder-users
40     IMAP                                  .mplayer-users
48     IMAP                                  .Sent

But as soon as I try to go into any of the folders, I get:

[CANNOT] Invalid maibox name

the only error to see.
Only INBOX can I see and use, probably also use... Still learning how to do all the mutting...

So I now comment it out, and...
#set spoolfile=imap://me@mydovecot/INBOX
#set folder=imap://me@mydovecot/
set spoolfile="~/Maildir/"
set folder="~/Maildir/"

and try use mutt without the dovecot mail server.
and now, I can browse all, surely, only once I change the mask in the same way as
But I can also probably use mutt in regular way...
I have a difficult setup for a toiling non-expert user like me.
Postfix for SMTP (not SMTPD) (haven't yet sorted the outgoing mail), Getmail + Maildrop, which is working yet (sending this from web-interface)...

I have trying the namespace thing on and off, and just couldn't get it to work.

What should I look at now... Stay with namespace, since it seems to work for people, such as:
and around, and probably before, and after...

Or... not. If it is too tricky or what to get it to work...

I need this, don't want to go back to any kind of GUI's, and Mutt really feels the best solution... so I hope I'll be able to get much clearer on this. I'm toiling to figure things out, pls. allow slowliness on my part in deploying my problem here, and in understanding your replies, hopefully.

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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