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>  (****) while I spent weeks on postfix, and I do have some understanding now 
> of it: it is a great program!, I wasn't able to configure it for just smtp 
> (no smtpd, I don't need that at this time), because some things are really 
> hidden in very ample documentation and not easy to phathom... so much so that 
> I went on a rampage of learning stunnel and particular configuration of 
> /etc/default/saslauthd-root_postfix that needed to talk to 
> /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd/mux socket or what not... and still 
> didn't get things to work... And on the other hand I got this sSMTP program 
> to work in a matter of hours...

Just to address postfix:

I run a local postfix, with the critical configuration line:

  relayhost =

which points at an ssh tunnel, which connects to my preferred SMTP
server (ssh to home server, port forward to its mail system).

This is my solution for a mobile host (my laptop): it delivers via the ssh
tunnel to my home server which as a static relayhost to my home ISP.

The nice thing about a local postfix is that the mail queue of
unsent email (i.e. I am offline when composing it) is readily visible
with the mailq command, and mutt doesn't need to care about
online/offline; it just delivers locally via sendmail.

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