On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 11:16:25AM +1300, martin f krafft wrote:
I need to start sending out `text/html` alternative parts to my messages with mutt.

Hi martin,

Native support for multipart/alternative composition isn't in my todo list. However, I do have a plan to allow external filter generation of the alternative. Originally, this was on my list for the next development cycle, but let me see what I can do before the 1.13 release.

The current idea is a quadaption (names may change, but...) $compose_multipart_alternative combined with a script $compose_multipart_alternative_script.

The script would be run post-compose menu, after checks such as $abort_noattach and $abort_nosubject, but before signing/encryption; it would not be run when postponing.

If there were an error sending, the alternative would be stripped before returning to the compose menu. So it would not be exposed to the compose menu. I *might* add a function to preview the output as raw text and via mime from the compose menu though.

Script output would be the content-type, a blank line, then the generated content.

Anyway, that's my current plan. The problem is cleaning up some other parts of mutt to deal with bouncing, reuse as a template, etc. So, again, not sure I can deliver this before 1.13.

Kevin J. McCarthy
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