On Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 10:02:38AM +0800, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 11:16:25AM +1300, martin f krafft wrote:
> Native support for multipart/alternative composition isn't in my todo list.
> However, I do have a plan to allow external filter generation of the
> alternative.  Originally, this was on my list for the next development
> cycle, but let me see what I can do before the 1.13 release.
> The current idea is a quadaption (names may change, but...)
> $compose_multipart_alternative combined with a script
> $compose_multipart_alternative_script.

FWIW, my two biggest wishlist items for Mutt are:

1. the ability to create and send at least simple HTML messages, with
   or without multipart alternatives, specifically for basic text
   formatting (bold, italics, color) and hypertext links.  [It's
   expected that an external HTML editor would need to be spawned to
   generate the HTML.  It makes sense to be able to specify a filter
   to convert this to an alternative form for multipart.]

2. The ability to natively display a subset of HTML (the same subset)
   with the ability to trigger links to open in a browser (or perhaps
   execute an arbitrary configured command).  Modern terminal windows
   can handle all of the formatting required to do just this much...

While I still mostly prefer plain text for its brevity, being able to
provide emphasis and other basic formatting is nice.  It's hard to
deny that HTML mail has become the defacto standard for most people,
and I think Mutt really falls short in its ability to handle this
stuff out of the box.

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