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Even with a good XTerm config, ncurses still gets in the way of long URLs, and the sidebar patch completely breaks them. I don't think this can be solved from the xterm, and requires either an external tool such as urlview/urlscan (which break the flow), or would need to be done within mutt, in similar ways to what plugins do for irssi:

1. internal pager scans content for URLs, marks them up with unique identifiers, e.g. `[1]https://mutt.org` or similar;

2. mutt learns a command `view-url-by-id`, which prompts for a number and spawns mailcap on the URL.

3. Additional or alternative commands could be:


: Print a list of URLs from the current buffer, maybe with navigation options like urlview


: Highlight the first URL in view, skip to prev/next on up/down arrow, and invoke mailcap when enter is pressed.

Probably not too hard. But yeah, would need to be done… ;)

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