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> El día lunes, octubre 28, 2019 a las 04:50:40p. m. -0500, Derek Martin 
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> > > FWIW, I (as a mutt user for 15++ years) do not need this. Thanks
> > 
> > Perhaps not, but the fact that it keeps coming up here is pretty clear
> > indication that it's a feature that would be useful to a lot of
> > people...
> Well, do you speak for you or for a 'lot of people'? Who they are?
> I speak only for my own interests (as I said: I do not need this).

I speak for myself, but you seemed eager to bring your authority into
it, with giving your length of experience using Mutt.  If you want to
do that, then I'm happy to point out that in the 23+ years *I've* been
a member of the Mutt community, frequent poster, and occasional code
contributor here, I've seen lots and lots and lots of people asking
about how (better) to handle HTML mail.  If you want to know who they
are, feel free to search the archives.

Mutt is a mail user agent, and like it or not, a large amount of mail
is now sent in HTML format.  Isn't the MUA's job to handle e-mail?
Well, I think it is, and Mutt does not do a complete job of it, for a
large subset of e-mail messages.  This thread has highlighted that
lots of people have issues dealing with the available solutions.  They
all "work" to some degree, but they often have failings that simply
can't be overcome, or require a very specific set of tools that may
not even be available to you, if you are reading mail on a system you
do not manage.

If Mutt handled HTML mail natively in some fashion, these issues would
cease to be issues.  That's exactly why I think support very much
belongs in Mutt proper.

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