Just to re-iterate that I have now spent many months spent trying to 
implement the GTD method on MLO Windows and very reluctantly I have been 
forced to the conclusion that for users like myself who have a fairly large 
number of tasks (400-500) on my system, that messy workaround *simply don't 

i.e. We need an actual field in MLO's database for actionable status 
(Active, Sometime, Waiting etc) - and ideally another field for "Area of 
Focus" (AKA "Area of Life"). Either that or we need extra fields that we 
can customise to behave as such. As a bonus we also probably need to be 
able to control the defaults for any such fields.

Yes, I can see that it would be a fair amount of work for MLO to implement 
this, and yes it would be adding yet more complexity to an already complex 

MLO Windows is a mature, extremely powerful tool that is wonderful in many, 
many ways. And the MLO mobile apps continue to go from strength to 
strength. However after months and months of experimentation, including 
seeking of much advice on this forum, I have reluctantly come to the 
conclusion that without these fields MLO is effectively crippled for use by 
the power user and for large numbers of tasks using the *GTD method* it is 
simply *unusable*. 

It's a serious, serious shame.


On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 12:31:35 PM UTC+1, John . Smith wrote:
> Yes, custom fields are very, VERY powerful. 
> And would take power use of MLO to whole new level.
> J 
> On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:27:40 AM UTC+1, pottster wrote:
>> Interestingly, Asana have just added custom field functionality 
>> https://blog.asana.com/2016/09/track-anything-with-custom-fields/
>> The more I think about this the more I feel it might be THE big missing 
>> functionality for MLO power users. The use cases in the Asana blog article 
>> give an insight about how this feature could be leveraged.
>> On Thursday, 8 September 2016 00:28:27 UTC+1, Stéph wrote:
>>> I would LOVE an option to select whether to inherit attributes from 
>>> parent, from sibling, or (for dates) to preset a date to Today. 
>>> Bonsai used to have this feature. 
>>> Stéph

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