>From someone I am calling "Norman" for now comes this newbie question:

*I am a small biz home and boat rental. I need each home and each boat to 
be listed having a 'tree' and the TODOs would be the item TO DO. Would the 
Homes and Boats be Folders? Tabs? I need to distribute the TASKS to various 
peoples: Self, Maintenance and Repair, Projects - Upgrades, Cleaners, 
HusbandThe dates would be Within: TODAY, 5 Days, A Specific date, Close of 
month, I need to start assigning some tasks to Monthly, Fall, Winter, 
Spring, Summer creating a schedule to share with othersPerhaps I could 
'import' some check lists posted on the web?Need to develop these lists 
such that I can share them with workers and with guests digitally such that 
when they completed something it would mark it off the master list, and 
guests doing a walk through can check off acceptability of the home or  
boat and make comments.I would also like there to be GPS tracking.Talk to 
text, as well as, manual entry for comments would be ever so nice.*

Hi, Norman. You are asking about a lot of stuff, I will start off with a 
few observations.

1. MLO is a great tool for managing your tasks. Probably the best tool. But 
it does not tell you how to manage your tasks. You need a tool but you also 
need a methodology. A lot of people make up their own methodologies but 
other are better off starting by studying someone else's methodology and 
then modifying it as needed to fit their own circumstances. I am partial to 
the methodology called Getting Things Done by David Allen. You can find his 
book "Getting Things Done" in bookstores and libraries

2. MLO is a great tool for managing *your* tasks. It is less effective at 
managing the tasks of a big basket of different sorts of people. Some 
people have had good (or at least acceptable) results in using MLO to share 
tasks with an assistant or even across the members of a small team. There 
have been a few discussions on this forum about using MLO with team 
members, you can probably find some good hints by searching the forum. Or 
maybe someone with experience in this kind of thing might reply to this 
thread with a pointer. On the other hand, I really cannot imagine getting 
your customers to use MLO to check off acceptability of a location.

3. A lot of different people use MLO in different ways and none of them are 
"wrong" - you should use what works for you. I like to organize my tasks 
into an outline with headers and subheaders and groups, and then make note 
of the events that happen, or things I need, or places I need to be that 
make a task actionable. The headers and subheaders become folders and the 
events/things/places become contexts. For you, this would make the top 
folders things like maintenance, marketing, opening a rental, closing a 
rental, etc, and contexts would be a specific home or boat, an employee, 
etc. Problem with this is that if you set up different contexts for each 
appliance or feature in each room in each apartment in each building that 
is going to be an manageably long list of contexts. It's important that the 
tool and the methodology taken together allow you to get more done, not 
less. Which means that you cannot spend the day looking up obscure contexts.

4. A different approach that might work better would be to use buildings as 
folders with subfolders for apartments and further subfolders for rooms and 
further subfolders for things in the room.Advantage is that this would make 
it easier to set up all these rooms, buildings, appliances etc and to find 
the one you want. Disadvantage would be that a project that involved 
several locations (like, paint the doors to all the homes) would be hard to 
set up because it would have bits in all different folders. Another 
disadvantage would be that GPS can get assigned to a context but not to a 

I hope that other readers will offer their own thoughts on your questions.

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