Am 19.02.2017 um 11:11 schrieb Peter Brawley:
On 2/18/2017 15:13, debt wrote:
    I’ve been asked to post a question here for a friend.

    Is there a formula to change the format of the data in a single
field in every record of a table?  She has a "timestamp” in a text
field formatted as 2017|02|16|04|58|42 and she wants to convert it to
a more human readable format like  2017-02-16 @ 04:58:42

    How does one "grab" the existing data and then change it?

If it's a timestamp, it's saved as 2017-02-16 04:58:42, not as you
showed it, and there's no need to change it, indeed she couldn't.
Instead, in a query that retrieves the timestamp, use the mysql
date_format() function to format the timestamp as desired.

you missed the quotes around timestamp as well as "in a text field formatted" and so THERE IS a need to change it - please consider to read before answer

as i read the post i hoped someone will say it nicer in between: *nobody* right in his mind saves timestamps in a "human readable format" but as a unix timestamp or date with the correct field type

unix timestamps have the advantage that they can be also in PHP simple compared with <>, < and > because it#s just the seconds since 1970-01-0-1

since this is nothing but random text you just need to select the data, split them, chnage the filed type, write them back and replace the direct output with strftime()

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