I've seen some weird responses to this.  Yes, you can do this.

First -- get the data into a usable format.  Then, put it into a usable
format (eg, timestamp for datetime field).

Read up on how mysql interprets date/time data on fields.  And, create a
new timestamp or date field.

Then, do something like this:

update table set timestamp_field=concat(

All the data will then be in that timestamp field or datatime column.  A
datetime column is very readable.

As others have mentioned (nicely, and not so nicely), you can easily
format the output of a timestamp or datetime as wanted.

 On Sat, 18 Feb 2017 13:13:38 -0800
debt <> wrote:

>       I’ve been asked to post a question here for a friend.
>       Is there a formula to change the format of the data in a single
> field in every record of a table?  She has a "timestamp” in a text
> field formatted as 2017|02|16|04|58|42 and she wants to convert it to a
> more human readable format like  2017-02-16 @ 04:58:42
>       How does one "grab" the existing data and then change it?  Can
> this be done solely in MySQL, or will she have to grab the data and
> then manipulate it in PHP or something?
> Thanks,
> Marc
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