Am 20.02.2017 um 10:35 schrieb Lucio Chiappetti:
On Sat, 18 Feb 2017, debt wrote:

    How does one "grab" the existing data and then change it? Can this
    be done solely in MySQL

I am not sure to understand your question ... you usually manipulate
data inside mysql ... but here it seems to me you are not talking of
changing the data VALUE (UPDATE table SET column=new value WHERE ...)
but of changing the DATA TYPE (ALTER TABLE table CHANGE or ALTER TABLE
table MODIFY depending on whether ypou change the column name too) or
even of (just) changing the FORMAT in which a value is displayed ...

but what he needs is a "select field from bla; foreach($data as $row){str_replace('x', 'y'); update table" for every record and he would like to do it in pure sql

    Is there a formula to change the format of the data in a single
    field in every record of a table?  She has a "timestamp??? in a
    text field formatted as 2017|02|16|04|58|42 and she wants to
    convert it to a more human readable format like 2017-02-16 @

curious ... the default format for a time stamp is very similar to the
latter (except for you funny at-sign) :

mysql> select time from north33 limit 1;
| time                |
| 2013-01-22 12:47:47 |

and what has this to do with a TEXTFILED CONTAINING STRINGS LIKE "2017|02|16|04|58|42" - you need to understand what you quote first before you can comment it.......

and only if I cast it to an integer I get the other form

mysql> select time+0 from north33 limit 1;
| time+0         |
| 20130122124747 |

completly unreleated to the problem

Anyhow I advise you to read the mysql manual and in particular the
function chapter and the "time and date function" subchapter. E.g. here

problem is that you did not understand the problem of the OP at all and pointing blindly to the manual is useless

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