They are so open ended, they are really useless. Not sure why they didn't issue this with a company affiliation, etc to nail it down to say credentials that the person may have with them.

Back in my Broadcast Engineering days, I would get passes issued by the local LE such as the SF Police department or as a "Registered Disaster Service Worker" issued by the State of California. Each of these would have my name, photo etc. These were respected and got me through numerous police lines in the past.

On 3/25/20 11:20 AM, Sean Donelan wrote:
The CISA critical infrastructure letters are a courtesy request letter. If people abuse its purpose, local officials do not need to extend any courtesy and can deny access.

The CISA letter is only for "providing emergency communications sustainment and restoration support to critical communications infrastructure facilities."

It is NOT a general purpose, ignore anything or go anywhere letter.

Do NOT abuse the courtesy or no one will extend the courtesy.

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