Indeed, many folks are developing letters summarizing the specific company mission, employee role & authorization, and tethering that to the DHS access letter(s) with more information to inform / better enable anyone that may need to assess.

You should also be aware of any local / state requirements in the relevant jurisdictions (e.g., pre-notify some entity of travel _before it takes place in a restricted area) - FEMA maintains state re-entry and private sector contact information in various regions (with varying utility - it seems the ones that have dealt with natural disasters such as hurricanes, e.g., Region IV, are better prepared for this at the moment - harmonization would be good).

This certainly varies on a country by country basis as well (e.g., some require pre-established / vetting of critical role and then issue them only to specific individuals when necessary). Ideally, if applicable your folks have already established those relationships in the event that they need them.


On 2020-03-25 15:02, Matt Erculiani wrote:
The letters are not to be confused with hall passes.;they don't even
have an individual's name on it.

They simply outline a federal mandate that already exists to inform
anyone who may not know.

Law enforcement of any area that has implemented "stay at home" or
"shelter in place" should already be briefed on who is permitted to be
out and about.

If you're stopped and have a letter, you may still be asked to
substantiate the critical nature of your trip, just like you would be
if you didn't have one.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020, 12:54 Scott Weeks <>

I got these.  One each for travel and fuel.  I could fake
one in 15 minutes or so.  Heck, I could probable find one
online and modify it in less time than that! Because of
that I don't see the usefulness.


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