Disaster Service Workers are different - see this link for information on DSWs, 
which are typically Government employees that have had special training and 
swearing-in.  They are not (necessarily) telecom workers but telecom workers 
may be DSWs.

Information on current status of DSWs in CA during this emergency:  

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> On Mar 25, 2020, at 11:36 AM, Tim Požár <po...@lns.com> wrote:
> They are so open ended, they are really useless.  Not sure why they didn't 
> issue this with a company affiliation, etc to nail it down to say credentials 
> that the person may have with them.
> Back in my Broadcast Engineering days, I would get passes issued by the local 
> LE such as the SF Police department or as a "Registered Disaster Service 
> Worker" issued by the State of California.  Each of these would have my name, 
> photo etc.  These were respected and got me through numerous police lines in 
> the past.
> https://www.lns.com/house/pozar/laminates/
> On 3/25/20 11:20 AM, Sean Donelan wrote:
>> The CISA critical infrastructure letters are a courtesy request letter. If 
>> people abuse its purpose, local officials do not need to extend any courtesy 
>> and can deny access.
>> The CISA letter is only for "providing emergency communications sustainment 
>> and restoration support to critical communications infrastructure 
>> facilities."
>> It is NOT a general purpose, ignore anything or go anywhere letter.
>> Do NOT abuse the courtesy or no one will extend the courtesy.

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