So the last one we successfully managed to isolate, our customer they had more 
than one PC with multiple infections. It’s not Playstation’s, but Windows 
machines that are infected with I assume some malware that is trying to log 
into PSN.




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So I should try again to get them to tell me what an "Account Takeover Attempt" 
is? They ignored my last request.


It's easy to explain DMCA or spam to an end-user, but it's difficult to explain 
to some soccer mom that her kids are doing something to make Sony mad, when I 
can't explain to them what Sony is mad about.


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On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 10:41:59 +1200, "Tony Wicks" said:
> Interestingly, Sony (SNEI-NOC-Abuse <SNEI-NOC-Abuse@am. 
> <mailto:SNEI-NOC-Abuse@am. %20 sony%20dot%20com)%20jut%0b>    sony dot com) 
> jut
> replied to being forwarded back one of their notification blocks requesting
> more detailed information with a csv file in under an hour!

So I guess name-and-shame *does* work? :)


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