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> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2017 3:30:37 PM
> Subject: Re: DWDM Mux/Demux using 40G Optics

> I guess that is the real question. Besides the client ports that are clearly
> identified by channel number on Muxes, what channels can the special ports
> handle?
> It has 4 special service port options:

> 1. Expansion Port (Based on what I am seeing, I think this would be to stack
> another mux if you needed more channels. So I assume it allows all channels to
> be added besides the client channels?)

Exactly... this is basically a pass thru port, i.e. what is not getting 
mux/demux should get passed thru (keep the insertion loss in mind). 

> 2. Monitor Port (I think this is just a tap that you would hook a monitor up 
> to,
> and be able to see all channels coming through with a meter. I assume not a
> good idea to add/drop channels through this port)?

I don't use this port, but supposedly it will pass a fraction 5% of the light 
from the main port so that it can be monitored. May be someone else can offer 
some practical use for this port. 

> 3. 1310nm Port (Labeled as 1310, but clearly allows more than just 1310 since
> tutorial is saying it supports QSFP+ which is 1270 - 1330 nm, so what range
> does it really support or is there no a range?)

Not sure about the range question, but this is the port for having the 40g/100g 
QSFP+ pass thru 

> 4. 1550nm Port (Labeled as 1550nm, but I wonder if its like the 1330nm?)

I have not had the need to explore this in detail, but from my initial 
understanding, this can be used for ZR (long range optics) and or to stack a 

> Would you recommend a monitor port on every mux you buy?

As I shared above, I don't. 

> On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 2:18 PM, Mike Hammett < > wrote:

>> Verify pass-through frequencies for the 1310 (or equivalent) for the passive 
>> mux
>> in question. This would only work for a single channel.

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>> Subject: RE: DWDM Mux/Demux using 40G Optics

>> Faisal,

>> How would he inject his current 4x10 40g into the mux which is currently on a
>> single LC cable?

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>> Answers in-line below.

>> If you look at the CWDM Muxes (8 or 9 channel) you will notice a common
>> configuration of

>> Upgrade Port (expansion port) + 1450 or 1470 to 1610nm

>> in the DWDM muxes you will see them listed as # of Port + 1310 pass thru
>> channel.

>> These are exactly what you are looking for ..... :)

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