>> I'm happy to have a detailed look at this later (and indeed
>> do some interoperability testing - I'll see if I can dig out
>> the qemu-img command line I used to test gonbdserver),
> Would be cool, yes. Once you did so, would be nice if you could also
> post the details here, so I can replicate what you do more easily ;-)

I think I got the details from here:


With the cert generation instructions from here:


section 3.12.8

though I see Eric has already answered.

>>   Fourthly, if you aren't checking client certificates, why is a CA
>>   file mandatory?
> Different CA. This is for the CA that contains the server certificate,
> not the CA used for validating client certificates. Last I checked you
> want to pass that to the server too (but it was late and I might have
> been an idiot).

If you are acting as a server and not checking client certificates, it
should not be mandatory to provide a CA certificate. In general this
would only be needed to provide a certificate chain of intermediate
certificates (and these normally go in through a different parameter
or with the public key as you need to supply more than one).

Alex Bligh

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