When I was a computer tech in 1980, my employer started changing from 
traditional linear (ie, transformer) supplies, to switchers, and it was 
pretty scary powering these up the first time.

Most systems were shipped within the US/Canada, so they ran on 120VAC. 
There was no shield around the switcher. The way the desktop system was 
built, your face was a few inches from the power supply in order to reach 
the power switch.  The first time someone (not me, fortunately...) 
powered-up a 220V/50Hz system, it went KABOOM! Back then, the power 
supplies were not universal, so a jumper had to be changed to operate at 
220V. Needless to say, any time I had to power-up a 220V system the first 
time I was really on edge. And despite the UL listing, I was always worried 
about getting shocked; switchers just didn't seem to have the same degree 
of isolation.

Maybe I'm just too old; I've always felt "safe" around transformer (linear) 
supplies and leery of switchers, especially the open-frame style.

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