I've been having a little (losing) battle with eBay lately, on about 
international shipping. I've been shorted on 4 transactions, in the last 
month. Their customer service reps are totally ignorant of their own 
policies. In the modern age, that, sadly, seems to be the norm. I've made 4 
calls. On the middle two, the reps, looked at the transactions, and noted 
the difference, between what the charged, and my actual costs. They acted 
as if they would reimburse me, my shortfall. Today, I noticed a buyer, in 
Japan ordered two supply kits, but was only charged $6.97. The post office 
will charge me $13.50. The first flunky, today, told me that I setup my 
shipping parameters incorrectly. Which is an off-the-cuff blame the seller 
excuse. I eventually managed to get to his supervisor. He told me two very 
important things, none of the past calls provided: (1) No reimbursements 
period. eBay Policy. (2) The shipping cost was not based on my shipping 
parameters, but the minimum US Postal Service price, for an ENVELOPE, 
containing tangible merchandise (not just paperwork).

I cancelled the transaction. Changed my setting to "no international 
shipping", on that one item. The lower flunky, told me international 
buyers, can still put the item in their shopping cart, but need to contact 
me, in order to pay for it. So then, I can properly invoice them. His 
supervisor told me, to click "off" combined shipping, again, allowing me to 
invoice the buyer, once they see the "sticker shock" shipping charge.

I ONLY SHIP IN BOXES --- PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe, some replacement parts, in an envelope, but never a KIT.

>From the US it cost me: $9.50 minimum, to ship to Canada.
It cost either: $13.25/$13.50/$13.75 minimum, to ship to any other country 
(outside the US - I have to include this because too many Americans, are a 
little thick). Don't even ask about: UPS, FedEx, or DHL. All way higher !

Also, if any of you know a lawyer, that's in the "class action" business, 
put in your 2 cents. eBay really should have an option of making the 
seller, the final arbiter, of setting the price, before the buyer can pay.

I have, and always will, refund excessive shipping charges paid.

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