In LTspice, if you go to *Tools -> Control Panel, *the select the *Netlist 
Options* tab, in the* Style/Convention* area click the *Convert ...* tickbox 
- that will make your capacitor values look ok - modern versions of LTspice 
convert "u" in component values to the Greek letter mu (i.e., "micro")

Where did your Wurth transformer model come from? The only ones I could 
find are from and don't 
include the model you are using - which specific transformer is this?


On Saturday, 12 August 2017 20:16:53 UTC+4, Paul Andrews wrote:
> I tried running this version, but the simulation window doesn't open and I 
> can't place probes on the circuit. I looked in the .asc file and fixed up 
> the path to the wurth model, but it made no difference. I have no idea how 
> to get that window back.
> Also, the values of caps that were uF became odd characters. What version 
> of LTSpice are you using on what OS?
> On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 10:50:23 AM UTC-4, Nick wrote:
>> Hi - Your LM3478 symbol pinout was wrong - you've got pins 5 - 8 
>> flipped...
>> Its a slow deck for sure - I'll have a play with in in the next couple of 
>> days.
>> Also attached slightly reformatted schematic to compensate for change in 
>> the ASY file.
>> Annoying that the PSPICE model from TI has a different pin order to the 
>> IC itself...
>> Nick

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