I think my first introduction to Nixie tubes was while browsing around 
the web, and I started reading about how you could put your own clock 
together using these funny little vacuum tubes called Nixies.  I have had 
no electronics training or really even an interest in electronics, aside 
from how to wire a car stereo.

  I purchased a kit from eBay along with a bunch of IN-12 tubes from 
Russia.  I was really in over my head with the kit, as to never really 
doing any electronic work.  I read lots and lots of web pages about what 
kind of tooling I would need, so more money spent on first cheap equipment 
(quickly recycled) and then better equipment.  My first project was a total 
disaster, but I was determined to get one working.  
  My next kit came from PVElectronics, and I thought i had messed that one 
up, but an email or two to Pete and it was working!  Such a thing of 
beauty, I could watch it all day long.  Now about five years later, I have 
put together kits and given them to family, friends, etc.  Now I have two 
kits to build that my wife made me promise would be kept in our house.  
Luckily the newer kits have the ability to sync the time online, so no more 
adjusting them every time the power bumps, or daylight saving time comes 
  This group has been invaluable to me for learning new things, getting 
ideas on enclosures, and seeing what all you professional guys have come up 
  Thanks for being there for me everyone.

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