My name is Greg, and I am an addict.......of nixie tubes

It all started when I was in the 7th grade; most kids I knew were into 
sports or starting into drugs. I got my fix from Radio Shack P-BOX kits. 
The neon 'idiot light' project had 5 NE-2 bulbs bulbs and ran on 4 AA 
batteries. Well, that did it for me, and soon I was building blinking neon 
gizmos that ran on the 120V line (Meh, who needs a transformer....not me)

About 2 years later, my friend's father was selling off some surplus 
equipment he got from the TRW swap meet; I got a Microdot 412A FM SIgnal 
Generator, which had 6 nixie tubes for displaying the frequency, and a 
myriad of illuminated switches, knobs, and meters. This thing big (19" rack 
x 20" deep x 18" tall), heavy (almost 100 lbs), and chock-full of 
electronic and mechanical wonders. I *really* wish I had a photo; 
definitely the coolest looking equipment I ever saw. And I had one.....

I used the  frequency counter for a few years, which in itself was 
impressive because it measured over 550 Mhz with discrete transistor 
circuits when it was built in the mid 1960's. Then I junked it, though I 
kept the 6-tube+socket+cage in my junkbox for about 30 years, knowing 
someday I would make a clock with it. I had mostly forgotten about it till 
2011, when I decided it was finally time to make my first nixie clock, and 
now it sits on my desk at work. The walls of my cubicle are decorated with 
PC boards I've done since then, all of them nixie-related.

I have 7 nixie clocks running now, with a total of 61 tubes in use. I keep 
telling myself I wont build *another* clock, but I end up doing that 
anyways (1 wrapping-up design, 1 on the drawing board, and more inside my 

There's definite;y something wrong going on inside my head; maybe it was 
caused by breathing-in too many toxic fumes from all the things we used to 
burn/blow-up when I was a kid.

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