@Jeff The heating should only be enough to prevent cathode poisoning 
starting with a healthy(ideally new) tube. I seriously doubt it would do 
anything to fix already existing cathode poisoning. It's driven using the 
same, standard current(4-6mA for an IN-18) for normal operation.
To fix existing cathode poisoning you do indeed have to seriously overdrive 
the tube and keep every cathode needed on, sequentially.

@Allen I made this with the intent of running it more often - a few seconds 
every 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes. If cycling on every digit change, it could 
be quite distracting, because the perceived brightness of the tube 
increases dramatically, and it would just keep flashing. Doing it every 30 
to 60 seconds should be about the minimum time period acceptable, but it 
really depends on your tastes.

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