When I built a new clock 3 years ago, I didn't keep the tubes in the same 
positions. However, there was one that was showing signs of poisoning and I 
swapped it with the left most tube at the time.  Otherwise, they haven't 
moved for 3 years.


On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 5:47:29 PM UTC-4, gregebert wrote:
> The '4' in the unit-hours position I saw in the video should not have been 
> poisoned during normal operation, because all 10 cathodes will get 
> exercised.
> Could this tube have been in a different position, such as the 'tens 
> hours', and been poisoned that way ?
> What I'm wondering is if this is normal 'wear-and-tear' , or a small leak, 
> rather than classic cathode poisoning (contamination of a seldom/never-used 
> cathode from other cathodes that are used).

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