Judging from "datasheet" provided, it is really the same die as in old 
chips. It makes me wonder if these weren't created from leftover dies from 
old production, just packaged in different housing.
Note that all the bad things about old chips are present here too: 
breakdown voltage of >60V, high current consumption, high input currents. 

W dniu wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2018 08:44:30 UTC+2 użytkownik Dekatron42 
> I have a few questions about these ic’s that I hope you can answer: 
> Which company is manufacturing these ic’s? 
> How are they designed internally, using old Russian chip design/process or 
> a new modern design/process? 
> Is there any warranty on these new ic’s? 
> Have these ic’s undergone any certifications or tests that show for 
> instance their reliability or  other conformance to standards? 
> /Martin

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