On Sunday 15 April 2018 01:33 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:
On 14/04/2018 08:09, Alan Bateman wrote:

Can you update SocketChannel/SocketOptionTests.java to ensure that SocketChannel is test? We also need to ensure that the new options don't show up in the supportedOptions returned by the channels that don't support these new options.
Just on this point, I think this needs work in ExtendedSocketOptions so that the extended options are organized by socket type (STREAM or DGRAM). This will become a lot more obvious once you add tests for SocketChannel as its implementation will need a change to pick up the extended options for STREAM sockets. It will also avoid the filtering in PlainDatagramSocketImpl that you've added to work around the issue there.
Even i thought the same, when i added TCP_QUICKACK but somehow i choose not to do at that time. I will modify the tests  and will  do the other changes suggested by you.



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