Hi team,

I again turn to you with an urgent request for help. I have yesterday updated forwarding of HTTP requests for updates.xml.gz module catalog from incubator/netbeans/incubating-netbeans-java/incubating-9.0-rc1/nbms/$1 to incubator/netbeans/incubating-netbeans-java/incubating-9.0-vc3/nbms/$1 but in my country it does not work, most probably because the content has not yet been synchronized across all the mirrors.

Can someone else please try accessing https://netbeans.apache.org/nb/updates/9.0/updates.xml.gz in your country and reply back with your findings?

Without functioning Update Center I am certain that NetCAT 9.0 should reject releasing 9.0 version.

Thanks a lot,

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