Zefir Kurtisi wrote:
Anyway, since the SGMII reset is required, instead of reverting the patch in 
I suggest to move the SGMII power down from at803x_suspend() and do a SerDes 
cycle in at803x_resume(). Could you please test if the patch below fixes the 

I have never seen the original problem that you noticed. When I use the generic phy driver instead of the at803x driver, everything works great for me. Perhaps the problem that you noticed only occurs with the Gianfar NIC?

Anyway, I tested the change you suggested, and it fixes the problem for me. I moved the power-down code to before the power-up code. But like I said, since I never experienced the original problem, I don't know if that works for you.

I suggest you make the changes in the driver yourself and test it, and then I will test whether that patch also works for me.

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