Zefir Kurtisi wrote:

I have never seen the original problem that you noticed.  When I use the generic
phy driver instead of the at803x driver, everything works great for me.  Perhaps
the problem that you noticed only occurs with the Gianfar NIC?

You mean it works for you in SGMII mode without glitches?

That is correct.

Then it might in fact be
an unfortunate rare or unique combination that we chose.

That is what I expect.

I'd need some time to get that tested, and since our device might be the only 
requiring the fix, I am fine with keeping the patch private. Feel free to revert
it, if required, I'll provide a revised one.

I'm in no hurry to get this fixed. Do you need a couple weeks to run some tests? It would be good to know for sure that your fix is needed only on your platform.

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