On 3/29/2018 9:40 PM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-03-29 at 09:56 -0400, Sinan Kaya wrote:
>> On 3/28/2018 11:55 AM, David Miller wrote:
>>> From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <b...@kernel.crashing.org>
>>> Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 02:13:16 +1100
>>>> Let's fix all archs, it's way easier than fixing all drivers. Half of
>>>> the archs are unused or dead anyway.
>>> Agreed.
>> I pinged most of the maintainers yesterday.
>> Which arches do we care about these days?
>> I have not been paying attention any other architecture besides arm64.
> Thanks for going through that exercise !
> Once sparc, s390, microblaze and mips reply, I think we'll have a good
> coverage, maybe riscv is to put in that lot too.

I posted the following two patches for supporting microblaze and unicore32. 

[PATCH v2 1/2] io: prevent compiler reordering on the default writeX() 
[PATCH v2 2/2] io: prevent compiler reordering on the default readX() 

The rest of the arches except mips and alpha seem OK.
I sent a question email on Friday to mips and alpha mailing lists. I'll follow 
up with
an actual patch today.

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