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>On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 09:37:21PM +0000, Acee Lindem (acee) wrote:
>> In the days of MIBs, we used to omit key strings from the data that
>>would be returned. This was ostensibly done for security purposes.
>This is not correct. In SMIv2, INDEX objects are not accessible
>because the values of these objects are embedded in the instance
>identifier. In other words, making INDEX objects not-accessible was a
>performance optimization, forcing SNMP managers to extract the INDEX
>object values out of the instance identifiers. Making INDEX objects
>not accessible does _not_ hide any information.

This is a different issue. What I am referring to is never returning the
keys in a read request (get, get-next, get-many, etc). For example,
(excerpted from RFC 4750):

 ospfIfAuthKey OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX       OCTET STRING (SIZE (0..256))
       MAX-ACCESS   read-create
       STATUS       current
          "The cleartext password used as an OSPF
          authentication key when simplePassword security
          is enabled.  This object does not access any OSPF
          cryptogaphic (e.g., MD5) authentication key under
          any circumstance.

          If the key length is shorter than 8 octets, the
          agent will left adjust and zero fill to 8 octets.

          Unauthenticated interfaces need no authentication
          key, and simple password authentication cannot use
          a key of more than 8 octets.

          Note that the use of simplePassword authentication
          is NOT recommended when there is concern regarding
          attack upon the OSPF system.  SimplePassword
          authentication is only sufficient to protect against
          accidental misconfigurations because it re-uses
          cleartext passwords [RFC1704].

          When read, ospfIfAuthKey always returns an octet
          string of length zero."
          "OSPF Version 2, Section 9 The Interface Data
       DEFVAL { '0000000000000000'H } --
       ::= { ospfIfEntry 16 }


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