I have taken a look at this document.

My main comment is that one aspect that is missing, that I believe should be 
added, concerns the inclusion of certain metadata about the modules.  
Specifically, in the context of YANG-Push we had a discussion about being able 
to mark nodes that are notifiable on change.  This is just one particular use 
case of a more general issue; in YANG-Push after much debate the conclusion was 
for now to simply make implementors aware of this issue and advise that a 
solution to this must be provided, with the clear understanding that eventually 
a standard solution should be defined.

Since the goal of YANG-Library is to allow clients to find out what is actually 
supported on a given server, this is the right place to keep this information.  
One possible way to address this would be, for a given module, to maintain a 
list of "meta-info", with a key "meta-tag", and a list with references to the 
nodes to which the metadata applies.  In the case of notifiable-on-change, you 
would have a list with one entry "notifiable-on-change", and then the list with 
the node definitions to which this tag applies.

Editorial nit:
2nd paragraph Introduction: informaton --> information

--- Alex

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The authors of rfc7895bis have indicated that they believe the document is 
ready for LC[1].

This starts a two week LC on the 
draft<https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-netconf-rfc7895bis-04>. The LC 
will end on February 15.

Please send your comments on this thread. Reviews of the document, and 
statement of support are particularly helpful to the authors. If you have 
concerns about the document, please state those too.

Authors please indicate if you are aware of any IPR on the document.


[1] https://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/netconf/current/msg13980.html

Mahesh & Kent

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