> but still omits the venture capitals in the list.
   IÂ  can solve the "mistery", the main financing comes from a venture
   capital set by Regione Lombardia (Milan's region), Finlombarda Gestioni
   SGR, sided by a couple of of smaller from Turin area.
   More important, if not intelinked, seems the political support they've
   enjoyed, particularly among officers of the many Italian police corps
   and secret services, who apparently loved their products
   here's a searchable cache of their emails from Wikileaks, enkoy


   2015-07-10 14:45 GMT+02:00 Jaromil <jaro...@dyne.org>:

     dear nettimers,
     most of you may have heard of the "Hacking Team" scandal
     which is now even among the wikileaks hall-of-fame.
     I feel like sharing some thoughts on this.  But first a disclaimer:


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