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>    > but still omits the venture capitals in the list.
>    I?  can solve the "mistery", the main financing comes from a venture
>    capital set by Regione Lombardia (Milan's region), Finlombarda Gestioni

eheh, "mistery"....

flash news: comes out that the very vertices of the Italian government
just some months ago have ruled an "exception" to give way to HT
operations, as reported by Huffington Post just now, after an analysis
of the email leaks for recent days

this article shows indeed the picture goes deeper in Italy (not exactly
as I thought) where we have not only private sector involved, but also a
public sector ready to favour private companies that are attuned with
them and... serving their purposes... by violating laws?.
Lets call it a sort of anti-social enterpreneurship prize?
or perhaps a way to fill the huge gap left by Digint?

so, Italy as usual? perhaps one could put it all in an historical
perspective thinking of the worldwide renown production of
anti-personnel mines by Finmeccanica, then end up the arm-chair activist
evening on the sofa with a projection of "Ilaria Alpi - Il piĆ¹ crudele
dei giorni (2003)" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0311653/


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