Dude, while you are stirring your bile soup over here, there is people
actually walking the walk.

Ethernal cynico/critical approaches lead nowhere else, plus I find it
very odd and grotesque to read white old men criticising the
enthusiasm and achievement of a woman who has radically changed the
way tech procurements are perceived in Barcelona and Europe.

So you delude me morlockelloi and recently you are really flooding the
mailinglist which is becoming less funny than usual. this is probably
too technical and specialised for you, but I'll just post it here for
anyone interested

- https://decodeproject.eu/publications/privacy-interface-guidelines

- https://decodeproject.eu/publications

I'm leading the design for the technical architecture of this project
so if you like to debate techno-political choices in their specific
I'm available. At Dyne.org we are just releasing two new software
applications used in DECODE:

- https://github.com/decodeproject/tor-dam

- https://github.com/decodeproject/zenroom

Patrice: less data and discarding data is a well contemplated option
in the work we are doing. By design.


  Denis Roio a.k.a. Jaromil  http://Dyne.org think &do tank
  Ph.D, CTO & co-founder    software to empower communities
Book keynotes, lectures, workshops: https://jaromil.dyne.org
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