One wonders if, as of 2018, there remained any non co-opted hackers who are
fighting back, or willing to do so, while acting autonomously from the
capital and the capitalist state.

I had my informed opinion about Barcelona but hearing from Simona now, I
think some one either has to spell it out, or give some references to open
up what sort of fraud it is, if it is.

In support of for Carlo's response, or for extended version of his point,
check out this fully automated loading port in China

This discussion is not 'digital fudalism' and how to fight against it.

It is about the number of 'poor'oletariat (plus precariat) or the world
reaching up to 4 to 6 billion if not more; surveillance/meta-data
capitalism and its mechanisms rising for socialisation-control-dispose of
these people. In this nexus it is also about how the future of IoT will
evolve around the cooperation between globalist/atanticist ruling classes
and China's state classes; the OBOR project, the networked hubs of
automated docks and ports so on. This is the base of the emerging new

I though that the Barcelona vision of techno sovereignty, or fearless
cities, were linked to a fraud mainly because of Morozov's, choosing
Barcelona as a base, as a Soros agent as he was during the Eastern European
transition operation (online transitions). This has been a global good
governance vision of the 1980-1990 era, before the rentier money capital
high jacked the commanding heights. There is no turning back to good global
governance neoliberal bullshit.

No voice coming from Barcelona, nor from other places, addressed how
hackers (as McKenize Wark uses the term) will take on the mission of
bridging and uniting the proletariat of the global south and precariat of
the global north, to rise up against the oppressors of all kinds weather
state, corporate, financial, industrial, military...

The oppressed people's reverse-engineers, or hackers, are those think of
and aim at the enemy at that global level. Like great worker engineer and
socialist Netti does in Bogdanov's 1912 novel Engineer Menni
<>, yet in another planet. The
question is can we manage what Netti did but on Earth?

On 8 April 2018 at 13:40, Jaromil <> wrote:

> dear Joseph,
> On Sun, 08 Apr 2018, Joseph Rabie wrote:
> >    Hallo all,
> >    This statement by Jaromil is very revealing:
> >
> >      obviously you are reading just an opinion piece for the Guardian's
> >      large audience. I would love if we can find a way so that your
> >      attention is spent on more appropriate information that only you
> and a
> >      few other people can understand about DECODE.
> yes Joe but pleeease, I'm not revealing: I'm consciously writing. I
> love literature, I know we are in a public space and I definitely mean
> what I write. I'm not slipping things out of my mind so that can be
> "revealed" by people accusing me of being an elitist. So please Joe,
> chill pill, ok?
> >    "that only you and a few other people can understand"...  So - if
> >    I understand correctly - according to Jaromil, there is on the
> >    one hand, a technically savvy elite, and on the other, the
> >    ignorant rest of us.
> To acknowledge the problem, rather than negate it, is a start towards
> the solution. Please for a moment think about your slanted attempt at
> framing. Through the (rather enormous, yes, because we do work for
> that money) narrative of DECODE, you will clearly find that the effort
> behind the newly released software and other
> ongoing developments is that of making intelligible technical
> knowledge that only a few elites can understand and therefore manage.
> Actually, a lot of my hands-on and theoretical work on technology is
> about this.
> So then yes. I know Carlo knows C language and technical architectures
> very well and yes, knowing his level of knowledge: its a very limited
> minority of people who can read that and assess it.
> With regards to some specific domains, like that of cryptographic
> trasformations on privacy entitlements and credentials, I believe that
> through the development of domain specific languages the gap can be
> overcome. This is part of what I see as I perceive as my own political
> mission in DECODE. I articulated aspects of this approach here
> So my response to you is that, while you are accusing me of an
> elitarist crime, I'm trying to present to the list a project that is
> precisely addressing the techno-elitarian gap and does its best to
> overcome it. Nevertheless thanks for your participation and any other
> precious time you will dedicate in considering the contents of the
> DECODE project.
> ciao
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