Ok I see and these dbus call can fail silently (no error propagation), the 
timeout hypothesis seems to match my cases.
Changing to dbus-broker is indeed a big step for our system for such a low 
frequency issue we have.

Thanks for all the info Thomas.
From: Thomas Haller <thal...@redhat.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 10:49 AM
To: Fr�d�ric Martinsons <frederic.martins...@sigfox.com>; 
networkmanager-list@gnome.org <networkmanager-list@gnome.org>
Subject: Re: Unable to determine UID of the request whan adding a connection.

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On Tue, 2022-05-17 at 08:34 +0000, Fr�d�ric Martinsons wrote:
> Thank you for your quick response.
> > NetworkManager usually will authenticate the request using
> > PolicyKit.
> > -- unless, you set [main].auth-polkit in `man NetworkManager.conf`
> > or
> > make the request as root user.
> >
> > You say you don't use PolicyKit, so you set `[main].auth-
> > polkit=false`?
> >
> I compile NM with --disable-polkit configure option but I used a
> custom NetworkManager.conf with didn't have [main].auth-polkit =
> false. I'll add it to be sure it is not used.

That merely changes the compile time default to set `[main].auth-
polkit=false` implicitly. The PolicyKit code is always build, because
it has no additional dependency (just talking D-Bus). But this is fine.

> > The UID NetworkManager gets from dbus-daemon. It's not clear why
> > that
> > would fail. I presume, this is dbus-daemon, not dbus-broker?
> Yes, this is dbus-daemon.


> > Are you using `hidepid` mount option for procfs? It should also
> > work
> > with that, but it could cause problems.
> Nope, just rw, relatime

ACK. Fine.

> > Or maybe you could run it under strace? However, that might be and
> > overwhelming amount of information. I'd try patching the source and
> > do
> > some printf debugging.
> Yes, I already patch nm-dbus-manager.c to know exactly where it fails
> but since then, I didn't manage to reproduce the issue after
> countless attempts.
> The fact that the completion took 4s on error case is not of any help
> to pinpoint where it fails ?

We get the caller info (UID and PID) via D-Bus calls
GetConnectionUnixUser and GetConnectionUnixProcessID (see
_get_caller_info_ensure()). Both blockingly, with a timeout of 2
seconds (which would add up to 4 seconds).

Maybe dbus-daemon does not reply in time? It's ugly that these calls in
NetworkManager are done blockingly, but even so, we heavily rely on
basic IPC to work, and if it's not working it's not clear how to
proceed there.

If that's the case, I don't know a solution. Trying dbus-broker is
probably too much of an invasive change?


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