Hey NFCers, 
Project Night Flight (a nonprofit), MPG Ranch, and Harold Mills, the developer 
of the free NFC software Vesper, are looking for Vesper beta testers. We need a 
handful of people who are seasoned NFCers and computer users with more advanced 
skills. Vesper allows you to extract the NFCs, review and classify the NFCs 
(still mostly a manual process, with a user interface similar to that of 
GlassOFire from Old Bird) and archive them all in one package, but it isn't 
quite ready for general public use. Vesper currently allows you to use the Old 
Bird tseep/thrush detectors, BirdVoxDetect (a neural-network-based detector 
trained on eastern NFCs) and the MPG Ranch tseep/thrush detectors (also neural 
detectors, but trained on western NFCs recorded mostly in western Montana). At 
MPG, we use Swift recorders, Wildlife Acoustics SM2/SM3 or PC recorders with 
Old Bird 21c microphones. There is also a Vesper recorder developed that allows 
you to record with your home computer. Will also post this to the NFC Facebook 
If you are interested in beta testing Vesper, please email me directly at 
Thanks! Debbie Leick
Missoula, MT
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