Posted the following to the NFC Facebook group just now and thought I would 
share here:

I’ve been listening live in Etna, NY tonight since 10:30pm. This has been an 
epic migration night here and one of the more constantly vocal in recent 
memory. Literally thousands and thousands of calls. Nearly constant calls of 
warblers, thrushes, (and tanagers?), grosbeaks, occasional sparrows, all 
stepping upon one another. First regular groups of Gray-cheeked Thrushes late 
tonight. One Black-billed Cuckoo. Only just now was there a notable gap of some 
10-20 seconds without a call, as a group of coyotes started yipping and 

Most impressive night to be listening prior to this first calm. It will be 
interesting to try to run these data through Vesper (I am recording to file 
sequence using Raven Pro; plus recording the full night with my Swift recorder 
and Flowrabola microphone.)

Good night-listening!

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes

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